Welcome to the North Dakota Master of Public Health

We encourage you to embark on an exciting and important journey.  With the guidance of the faculty and staff of North Dakota MPH, you will develop the foundation in our public health program to serve the people of North Dakota and the Northern Great Plains for years to come.  Together, we will work to create an intellectually challenging and socially engaging experience that provides you with the motivation, skills, and knowledge to improve health in communities and populations, particularly in rural areas.  This is both a responsibility and an opportunity for all of us to learn and grow as public health professionals. 

Consistent with the public health approach, our educational, service, and research initiatives will stress an ecological understanding of health problems and a systems approach to developing innovative solutions for them.  In keeping with this orientation, our program draws its faculty from many disciplines representing the clinical, social, and behavioral sciences, as well as the humanities. 

Students select one of the two universities to enroll at based on specializations tailored to each institution’s unique strengths.

Once again, we encourage you – the future of our public’s health - to start your journey into public health and we trust that each of you will challenge yourself to develop new ways to solve our society’s complex health problems.  Most importantly, we hope that with the knowledge and skills you will gain as a student in North Dakota MPH you will lead our world to better health!


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